Just got a phone call from the passport office on post. They just told me that the passports were held up because I filled out the form that says we already had a tourist passport. I told the lady I already had a passport. She said that I needed to get it to Washington. I said, “well I had it in my hands at the office when we handed in our forms and you told us we didn’t need them.” It probably wasn’t said that nicely. Now our passports are held up and thus our orders are held up thus the ordering of the packing sessions 1, 2, & 3 are held up. Pray for grace for me! I need it. I need a vacation to Florida and maybe even Chicago, and if we have to stick around after June 19 because of movers, I’ll be really ticked off! I will admit it, I want all the ducks to be in a row and any deviation and hold-up throws me off. (Brennig is more like me than anything!) Again, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart. . .”

On another note, Eric is moving! He’s too young, in my opinion :), but he is scooching around on his stomach and it will not be long until he’s crawling. He’s bringing his legs up underneath him, but can’t get coordinated enough to really crawl. And yes, he is always sucking on the lower lip so he looks like a Cabbage Patch Kid. But he’s so cute!


2 thoughts on “>Upset

  1. >ugh that must be so frustrating. I understand how you (and Brennig) feel. I have always been told that when i have a plan it is like it is written in blood, and when it changes even a little it totally throws me of course. On a lighter note…that baby is delicious.

  2. >Jonelle, I feel your pain. I like things to go according to plan, and can get quite frustrated when they don’t. But our faith grows in those times. I once read that God’s plan is plan A; any plan we make is plan B. Sometimes it helps me to remember that, sometimes not so much. :)When we see you, just know that Eric will most likely be in my arms the majority of the time. I must hold the squeeziness!

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