>The Trip to the Zoo


This week is Spring Break for some schools around here, so our family and a bunch of other Chaplain’s wives decided that maybe we should take our kids on a field trip to the zoo. The Yates family were the only ones who had been there before so it was good to show everyone else the ropes, but our family was also the family that showed people how NOT to do the San Antonio Zoo.

–Do not go on St. Patrick’s Day. (Everyone is wearing green!)
–Do not go during Spring Break Week. (Everyone and their mother was there!)

Why? Well Ella got lost and was taken to the front office, then no more than an hour later, Megan also decided to do her own thing and go her own way and get lost. Luckily, the wonderful Staff at the zoo found both of them within minutes and I could go and get them, but ugh was it the worst day to have lost kids! The Zoo staff said it happens 10-12 times in one day. But does it happen twice to one family in one day? We were 1/6 of that number.

We are back at home and back to doing school. I’m desparately trying to make duvet covers and I’m blanking on how to sew in a zipper. So it’s back to normal. Tomorrow we go to a children’s museum in New Braunfels. We’ll see how many children get lost then.


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