>New Bread Machine


My family is addicted to the bread machine. We received a hand-me-down from good friends who moved overseas and have used it weekly at least 2 times, most weeks 3 times. Well last week we realized that the pin that holds the paddle was about to fall out, so we decided that we would probably need to replace the machine. I started researching it and what a headache that was!!!!! Friday, I realized that we would have to replace it sooner than later. So we picked this one. I try to research stuff before I buy it and this research was stressful, because no bread machine is perfect. Needless to say, we were happily surprised! The second picture is the first loaf we made for Breakfast this morning. The picture above is of the Chocolate CAKE I made in it. Douglas is ready for me to make a real pound cake in it next. UGH I’m trying to lose weight!!!!


3 thoughts on “>New Bread Machine

  1. >Can you post a link to the machine? And then can I have your recipe for bread? The last time we had a bread machine, I always had to use a mix because when I would try scratch, it would always be flat or rock hard.

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