>Drum Roll Please

>We have our location for our next duty station and it is . . . . .


It was our first pick, but we were told a few weeks ago that it was closed or had been filled. Well it was filled with our family! So we’ll be in Germany for 2 years potentially 3 years, then who knows where. It’s not up to me anyway.

I do have some prayer requests.

1) That my mind would stay focused on the present. Douglas said yesterday that I had already checked out of San Antonio.

2) I’m have a huge internal dilemma as to whether or not to homeschool next year. Partly because my school-age children are fighting constantly at the moment and it would be a welcome relief to send them to school and not hear it all day long. Please advise all of you who have been through this.

3) There is a huge possibility that Douglas will get deployed again. I knew this when we picked this as our first choice, but it still weighs on me knowing that we would be alone again for an extended period of time and they’re that much older now.

As I look at this prayer request list, I’m thinking of how selfish I am. I know that God knows the desires of my heart. I pray that I honour him even if I am unsure of what will happen this summer.

So, in end, we’re going to Germany. Anybody got a copy of Rosetta Stone German they want to get rid of?


4 thoughts on “>Drum Roll Please

  1. >wow, Germany. I know that you all are going to love it. how soon are you going? Sorry that the kids are fighting so much. i feel that way too lately. like no matter what i say it is constant. Would they like to go to school in Germany? i will say a humble little prayer for you friend.

  2. >chris says that Douglas can get you rosetta stone for free on AKO. he is not sure if family members can have accounts or if you would have to sign in as him.

  3. >Hey! Germany..how cool! That is very exciting. So can you homeschool being on an American base? It’s illegal in Germany (homeschooling) but I’m sure you already knew that. Just curious. I will pray for you in all the decicions. We are excited for y’all!

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