>Movie Night

A picture of Ella blowing out her candles in her chocolate pudding on her birthday. We had a big party on the 31st before Daddy and my brother and his kids left.

Don’t know if all you who read this have had this same experience, but tonight for movie night we decided to branch out of the Disney fare and go to something live action. So I got Nanny McPhee at the library. I love Emma Thompson! Unfortunately my oldest was scared and thus we weren’t able to finish. He didn’t like the Funeral Parlor scenes. Now they’re watching Franklin. I realize that I’ve sheltered my kids a bit from movies. I try to keep them away from potty humor (there is one scene in NmcPhee) and I try to make sure the movies are good quality. I figured that since it was written by Emma Thompson it would be good, and it is, but my oldest just isn’t ready for it. The two younger ones loved it though. RATS!!!

Maybe next year.


2 thoughts on “>Movie Night

  1. >we still can’t watch most Disney movies without Avery having trouble getting through the scary scenes even though she knows that they all end well. we are trying out classic, live action, 60’s disney. Tonight was the Ugly Daschund. We shelter them from most movies too.

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