>Happy Birthday to Me and Happy 5 Month Birthday Eric


Okay I’m a little goofy about my birthday. Because it is so close to Christmas I tend to be very selfish about my birthday. It was one of those UGH! kind of days. My dad went to California so we couldn’t go to church, just Sunday School. Eric was incredibly, and I mean INCREDIBLY fussy today. He just isn’t sleeping very well. He’ll sleep for 40 minutes and then be up and fussy and then it is such a struggle to go back to sleep during the day. Then during the night, he wakes up about 5-6 times and again, it’s terribly hard to get him to stay sleeping. Then tonight, we went to Olive Garden and it was one of those restaurant times where you just want to go home instead of eating. Megan and Ella were flighty and bouncing off the walls, Brennig was crying because he was homesick for San Antonio. Eric was screaming because he was being fussy. Finally, he calmed down and dinner ended up being okay, but UGH!!! We got some fussy baby formula for him and hopefully that will work. Anyways, I’m praying that he has a better night tonight. It was just one of those birthdays.

So now I’m done complaining. I’ll leave you with our family picture as well as a picture of Eric at 5 months. Back to school tomorrow!


One thought on “>Happy Birthday to Me and Happy 5 Month Birthday Eric

  1. >i was just thinking about you today and i was pretty sure your birthday was coming…so HAPPY BIRTHDAY friend. I am so glad to know you. Sorry that the kids were not exactly cooperating for you…i hope that Eric gets back to “normal” for you soon.

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