>Okay I am alive. I have been busy with Thanksgiving and Mooga’s visit.
Then laundry and school and laundry and now getting ready for our Christmas in Chicago. Crazy days these are.
I’ve spent the last two days scanning textbooks, so that I don’t have to take them with me for when we do school while gone.
Haven’t even thought about packing clothes or anything else yet.
Only a few days left!
Oh yeah, got the Christmas letter written, but have to print it and mail it and I have to buy stamps and Christmas cards. AAAAAAGH!!! Too much to do.
I think my kids have been a little neglected of my attention lately, good thing we have a DVR now because of all the Christmas specials on. At least it’s quality TV they’re watching like “Charlie Brown Christmas”.
Did read Sandra Boynton’s “The Going to Bed Book.” At least it was something.
Crazy Windy outside.

Ella sang “Who let the Baby Out” to Eric this morning to the tune? of “Who Let the Dogs Out!” I have some crazy kids.


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