>We’re on the Mend

>Well Eric has RSV and as soon as we got to the Dr. this afternoon his breathing was less laboured and his fever was down. The fever was from the shots yesterday afternoon. It’s good that he’s doing better. There were lots of smiles and less whining.

The best part was coming home and finding that the downstairs had been vacuumed and the bathrooms were clean thanks to Douglas and Megan!!! What a blessing! That allowed me to spend almost 2 hours last night at Wal-Mart getting food etc for next week.

So now that he’s on the mend, we need to get ready for Thanksgiving and Mooga’s visit. On to cooking up meat and doing some food prep ahead of time and, of course, laundry. I love this time of year!!!!


2 thoughts on “>We’re on the Mend

  1. >i am so glad to hear he is feeling better, but now i remember what it was like. Mitchie had RSV when he was about his age and it was a pain in the neck…lots of back to back doc visits and weight checks and so on….just good to know he is better. how was the dentist the other day? You sound ultra prepared for the holiday? Any other company besides Mooga?

  2. >J/I do hope your blog is the basis for a book down the road! Enjoyed reading as ewe share your heart in the “real” world of motherhood. Not sure how ewe find the time to keep the blogs and photos updated! Pray that ya’ll have a blessed Christmas as ewe celebrate Jesus and deeply enjoy your precious family.

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