Update: Eric was sleeping on the couch until about 5 minutes ago. He never falls asleep anywhere but his bed. He must be sick!!!!! (It’s 12:45)

This is what Ella says for yesterday in the evening. Yesternight we went to On the Border for supper and then to Target for shoes for my girls. (I’m running out of hand-me-downs 😦 )

Well we’re back at it. This week is bound to be crazy. I have to get ready for my Mother-in-law (MIL) to come for a visit. I am very very very excited to see her. Thanksgiving is only a few days away and we’ve got a lot to clean up, plan etc.

Eric is sick :(. He has a chest cold with lots of coughing. He kept us up most of the night. I hate it when the little babies get sick. He’s happy though. Douglas got most of his paper done this weekend so YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He just has the final lookover and maybe one or two paragraphs to do on it. If anyone has any ideas about an infant with a cold and how to treat it let me know. I’ve tilted the crib, got the humidifier running. At 2 in the morning I ran the shower really hot to see if that would help. Yikes I’m tired! Well gotta run and do school. Only the 3Rs again today. I’m too tired to do the rest.


2 thoughts on “>Yesternight

  1. >my neighbor swears by putting baby vick’s on the bottom of their feet and then socks….she says that it really keeps the coughing down at night and lets everyone sleep better. I use it whenever anyone is coughing and not feeling well. Plus i love the way it smells, with just a little lavendar.

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