>Okay Forgive Me for Obsessing!

Okay I realize I may be obsessed right now, but I just wanted to bless you with Sojourn’s Music. Right now I’m listening to their first Advent CD. I love Christmas music and Douglas has now given me permission to start listening to it :). They have a new Advent CD out and right now you can download it free if you send it to 5 friends. The best part about it is that they have written a new melody to Joy to the World. You can read about why they re-wrote the tune here. If you listen to it see if you can hear another old hymn’s tune inside the melody. They are at this present time compiling a bunch of Isaac Watts songs for a new album. I can hardly wait!

Well it’s a laundry/Costco day. Douglas is working on his paper and it is a struggle so please pray for him as he wants to get it done before next weekend so that Thanksgiving can be free of papers hanging over his head. He’s excited about the subject matter of this one. It will eventually become part of his DMin Thesis/Project. Pray for him that he finds the books he needs. He said this morning that he couldn’t wait until next weekend when all of these papers are done!

The picture is of Eric cat-napping in the bouncy seat. He woke up as soon as I took the picture. He has to have his head covered (like his daddy).


One thought on “>Okay Forgive Me for Obsessing!

  1. >didn’t Ella like to have a blanket over her head too when she was a little one? he is adorable. Chris is just about to turn in the final draft of his thesis, and then we are done here, ready to move on. Well, moving on wether we are ready or not. Pray for our open house tomorrow. I don’t know about the christmas music…it is a little early for me.

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