>Wacky Wednesday!

>Well it’s Wednesday around here and normally that means a shorter school day, but because we went on a field trip yesterday we have to make up a bit for what was missed. (I hate that!) We went to see a guy talk about the pilgrims on the Mayflower. My kids weren’t too thrilled. I think Brennig only liked it when he talked about the guns and the weapons they used during the 16th century. It was nice to see people we knew from our church here in SA. Megan and Ella could barely keep still. Ella wanted to sit with Megan and her friend and be such a big girl! I’m thankful that Douglas had yesterday off because he could go with us.

Well that’s about it for Wacky Wednesday around here. Wednesdays are good days for me because I don’t cook. We have Awana in the evening so I make sure on Tuesday that there will be leftovers for Wednesday and then I don’t have to be rushing around cooking (or washing up) when we need to leave. Wednesdays are also good nights because Douglas and I and Eric go to Starbucks to meet with Douglas’ co-workers whose kids also have activities. We sit around and laugh and laugh and drink lovely Starbucks. BTW, Costco has a deal where you can get 5 20.00 gift cards for Starbucks for only 79.99. A DEAL!!!!! We also save money by bringing our own cups and they shave some money for being environmentally conscious.

The Kids are downstairs so I’ll sign off for now.


2 thoughts on “>Wacky Wednesday!

  1. >thanks for the invites!! i sure wish we could just walk down the street to see one another. my kids need your kids! pray hard dear friend, we have another open house this weekend, and i am holding onto hope for this one…i think it is nearly the last one for us before we have to move.

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