>Last Night


Well Douglas and the kids set up the tent last night and had a camp out in the back yard. It got down to at least 43 degrees during the night and they were cold, but they had fun. The kids and Douglas are tired because of the cold, but other than that had fun. While they did that, I cut out my pattern for my Christmas gifts that I’m giving this year. (Not saying what it is because some people may read it!)

On the other hand, if anyone has any advice for a depressed 6 year old girl, please please give me wisdom! Megan has stopped eating as much and just isn’t very happy right now. Not quite sure what is going on because the reason for her sadness changes with the minute. Please tell me this is fleeting! We are praying for her constantly. Let the joy of the Lord be her strength.
Eric is continuing to be happy and sleep. We’re off to go on the weekly grocery shop to Costco (YEAH!) and Wal-Mart and quick stop at Hobby Lobby.

For more pictures you can see them on our family website here.


One thought on “>Last Night

  1. >Avery has been sad and depressed since we left washington…but i understand because i have been much the same. I wish i had some advice, all i can do is be sympathetic because it is hard to see a little girl be so sad. The campout looks like fun!

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