>Reflections on 3 Months


Eric was 3 months old yesterday. It’s been a crazy 3 months. Emotionally the hardest 3 months I’ve had in a while. With my usual troubles nursing him and trying to take care of a 2 1/2 year old and homeschool my “Irish Twins,” who are at each others throats many days. It’s been rough. I believe we’ve turned a corner. The smiles and the blissful sleep have come again! Thanks for your prayers!

Right now I’m a little concerned regarding the election. I didn’t watch TV yesterday because I knew what the outcome would be and I didn’t want to see Americans and world usher in their new “Messiah.” Good grief, he’s a man! Just because he will president, he will not make your mortgage payments disappear or put gas in your car. Yes, it is wonderful that he will be the first African-American President, but he will do many things wrong. He is not god though so many people believe him to be that. All I can take comfort in is that God is God. He is sovereign and if anything the next four years are going to make me trust in him knowing full well that He is in control and that nothing is surprising to him. The mainstream church is despondant over the fact that their man did not get elected, but really, people, are we like everyone else and thinking that a man can solve problems. The true church will flourish no matter who is in leadership. Praise the LORD! Pray that the church wakes up and sees that through true community many of the problems that the government can’t solve can be solved. True community means breaking bread together often, taking care of widows and orphans, and each other and coming together to Worship God in Spirit and Truth. I would love to see how we can, in the next four years and beyond, see if we can really practice this. Maybe the country would be changed one man at a time instead thinking that one man can change the country.

Boy this was random, but it is what is on my heart. I guess this is what bloggers do.


3 thoughts on “>Reflections on 3 Months

  1. >i can completely see what you are saying. He is just a man and we need to all get over who or what he is and focus on the job he is going to do. He is a smooth talker. He could get sheep to follow a wolf. i was not very surprised at the outcome. God is bigger than all the politicians out there. thank goodness.

  2. >ps..i like looking at your blog too! I left the answer to your question in my comments but just in case, WIP is work in progress. I sure hope that you will be blogging your up and coming sewing project.

  3. >El Elyon still reigns over all! May the church be the church that pleases Him and brings honor to His name in the days ahead. May we be found faithful even to suffer for His greater glory!

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