>Love/Hate Halloween!

>I love Halloween! I love all the little kiddies all dressed up. I love how excited they get. I love it that you can’t get anything done because even the 2 1/2 year old, Ella, can’t stop talking about trick-or-treating! I love pumpkins carved!

On the other hand, I hate Halloween. I hate all the candy that is in the house that I will eventually eat (despite being on WeightWatchers). I hate all the yucky ghoulish stuff that people have in their yard. I hate the witches, ghosts and all the stuff that makes H-ween so wrong. I hate it that I have to drive a long way to go trick-or-treating because I don’t like handing out candy while my husband is gone at work. He works a 24hr shift tonight at the ER. It could be an interesting night for him. Pray for him that he would minister Christ’s love to those in pain!

I’m thankful that despite all of the stuff that makes it an “evil” night that Christ conquered death! We need not be afraid of the dark because he is there. “When I am afraid, I will trust in Him.”

I’ll post pics tomorrow.


One thought on “>Love/Hate Halloween!

  1. >i totally relate. For my kids it is only about candy and dressing up…but some people really over do it with the nasty parts of halloween…i am pretty nervous about the houses we are going to go to and the people that will be coming to our door

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