>Much Better Day!

Thanks for all your prayers! Eric had a much better day. We tried both the collapsible bottles and the fussy formula and it was the bottles we believe. I tried the fussy formula and the regular bottle and he was very fussy. So maybe we’ll go back to the regular cheap formula in a couple of days.

On another note, Megan asked me to read her another story tonight and as I was reading it I realized that with every day I feel like I’m turning into my mother. Not that that’s a bad thing, I think it’s rather funny. As I was reading I could hear my mother’s exact intonation and speed as I read. Another time while we were riding in the car I said something and then said, “AAAH I’m turning into my mother!” Megan thought that was hysterical. Little does she know what will happen to her!!!

All of you who read this, do you find yourself doing the same thing?


One thought on “>Much Better Day!

  1. >with much horror and dread i admit that i do do things that my mother does..i can not always pinpoint it, but there is just something. I am glad Eric had a better day…he is adorable.

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