>The First Entry

I’ve wanted to do a blog for a while. As a family we have a blog/newsletter, but I’ve wanted to journal what specifically was going on my life. I don’t want this to be navel gazing (as my dad calls it), but want it instead to be a glimpse for my friends into what’s happening with me. I tend to give glowing reports of what is going on in our lives as a family, but sometimes it’s a hard life and it’s never perfect.

I hesitate a little bit to do the blog because it is a picture of my life that the whole world can see. Do I really want everyone to know what is going on? Do they really want to know? Do I think that anyone will even read this? If they do I want to make sure it is honouring to God and to my family and especially my husband.

So that being said, the first blog is finished. As for the picture above, it’s not the best one, but it is the most recent!

May He Be Glorified,


3 thoughts on “>The First Entry

  1. >don’t be silly it is a beautiful picture. You look amazing! i can not wait to read as you blog…it is so true that real life is not as nice and pretty as it may seem. I am excited to see where this takes you.

  2. >I am so glad that you are willing to open your heart up and encourage those of us who will be reading this. I am excited to see what future posts contain… and I am hoping more and more you get stationed right here in good ol’ SA!

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