Ella is 11!

I can’t believe that Ella is eleven years old.  She turned 7 a little bit after we moved to Georgia and now it’s 4 years later. We are so thankful that she is in our family.  Her faces she makes and subtle sense of humor definitely keep us on our toes. May the Lord bless … More Ella is 11!


Eric is 8.  Our last child, wii crazy-Avengers loving-cliff jumping, people loving boy is 8 years old.  He brings so much laughter to our house.  We are so thankful for him.  He is our extrovert island in a land of introverts.  I pray that he grows up to use his powers for good and not … More 8 YEARS OLD!!!!

Megan is 14!!

It is hard to believe that Megan is already 14.  I know Brennig is 15 and so logically that means Meg is just around the corner to 14.  But I remember being 14.  I went to California when I was 14.  What will Megan do when she is 14?  Only God knows. We are currently … More Megan is 14!!

Brennig is 15!

It has struck me hard this week that 15 is here!  We have to make that trip to the local DMV to get the permit process started.  CRAZY! We’ve had a hard 18 months.  We are not the same as we once were, but Lord doesn’t change, and God is good.  We’ve been to New … More Brennig is 15!